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Daivik's Untold Story

The name Daivik in Sanskrit means by grace of god or the divine. Born on December 14th 2010, this tiny human was truly divine. He changed our lives forever. At a very young age, he displayed the traits of an old soul-demonstrating a level of caring and compassion beyond his years. He was tolerant of peers, soft spoken in his interactions with people around him- young and old. He always cared for others putting them before his own interests-not common among children his age. Daivik  was always an open, gregarious, kind and loving child.

The foundation is named after our son Daivik. The Daivik Forever Foundation is a tribute to this, young life, our precious son whom we lost so early on.

Daivik was attending a pool side birthday party with his cousins, when he got into the pool unsupervised by a close family member, who was responsible for his care. Daivik drowned that day. We lost our precious one, in just one moment of negligence. Our hearts are forever broken, our lives altered forever. We chose to honor our son by sponsoring activities for children through the foundation, focused on two of Daivik’s favorite sports- football and chess

Daivik's Times Table School Achievement

Daivik was a unique child. Through all his growing up years, he was more interested in activities that were different from his peers. He preferred chess over toy guns and would be excited to attend chess tournaments and competitions. He would also teach chess moves to his friends, amazing them with tricks of playing and winning. He was also a hard competitor for his dad- from whom he got his love for chess.

His knowledge and passion for football was unparalleled. He knew more about teams and players than most kids his age. He was motivated to watch Youtube videos of his favorite players (over regular TV programs) and learn different moves that he would then implement on the football field himself.  He was dedicated to sports and could do anything once he put his mind to it.

Story behind the

The Logo

The story behind the logo created for this web page is that at any age, he was different from other boys & preferred chess over gun toys & would always attend Chess Tournaments & Competitions. He would teach all his friends the tricks of playing and winning in Chess and would also sometimes give a hard time to his Dad in Chess.

Daivik was also passionate about TT Rockstars (a program for practicing and training on Times Table exercise) and would compete with his friends from school and outside in the Times table exercise.  During the last days of school, just before the vacation, he was awarded the best Times Table Solver, amongst his entire school grade and was awarded a certificate with the whole school in audience.

He loved Lego blocks. He could sit for days and complete a set patiently, methodically without any assistance from anyone.  He often talked about aspiring to be mathematician, chess master or even a surgeon.

Like his father, Daivik was a diehard superhero fan. Daivik was the apple of his mum’s eye. They loved shopping together on weekends and often stopped for hot chocolate.  A day before he transitioned, Daivik went shopping with his mum, but picked up only one pair of clothes to wear for his birthday party even though he was very excited about it. Perhaps his soul knew that  he would be wearing only that last pair of clothes in this physical life.

Daivik’s mum would caution him to defend himself against bullies in school. He always felt that verbally or physically abusing anyone is not the right thing to do. He maintained his mature demeanor, being respectful and well mannered, even to children who were not so nice to him. Wise beyond years, he never hesitated to share his food or toys  with anyone who simply  asked. One time his friends  got chocolates wrapped with their names on it, whereas Daivik got a plain one. He laughed it off, telling his friends, “you don’t read a chocolate, but eat a chocolate.

Daivik was close to all his cousins, treating them more like friends than relatives. He was the picture of calmness to their agitation and mischief.  They  were the noisy sea waves, that always banked upon his calm shore, to ground them and always be there for them.

Daivik passed on, without a chance of realizing or living out any  of his dreams and aspirations. The world would have been his oyster but our world has shattered forever, knowing that we will never have a chance to see him grow and thrive.