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Our Healing

The pain of losing a child is unbearable and as being his parents, we could have either chosen the constructive path of seeking help from the universe by getting involved in spiritualism or another path of being destructive where we would do things out of vengeance.


We chose the path of spirituality as we know that Daivik would have wanted us to come in peace and support his legacy by providing help and support to as many as we can with a positive mind and outlook.


Few Groups, Authors, Personalities & Sages that helped us in coming out of this Grief, Pain & Anxiety are listed below and its entirely up to everyone to choose and decide upon what they resonate with or what attunes them to move forward and evolve in their lives to fulfil their life purpose.

Healers and their Links

  1. Helping Parents Heal – FB Group
  2. Helping Parents Heal India – FB Group
  3. Parents Preventing Childhood Drowning – FB Group
  4. Helping Parents Heal 
  5. Joseph Higgins
  6. Gautam Sachdeva 
  7. Sai Baba Devotee Speaks
  8. Nanak Naam
  9. Life to AfterLife Series
  10. Master Minood
  11. Gary Zukav
  12. Dolores Cannon
  13. Dr BrianWeiss
  14. BK Shivani 
  15. Author – Khorshed Bhavnagri – The Laws of the Spirit World.
  16. Author – Nan Umrigar – Sounds of Silence